Gopack Mini

  • Fashionable & Discretion

    Look good while keeping your items safe and keep people out of your business with our discrete style and zipper lock

  • Convenience

    No more wondering where you can roll up. Stop using your friends table or that dirty car manual, our easy grab and go style makes it accessible to use for all

  • Storage

    Pockets on Pockets on Pockets, we make sure you have all the creativity & availability to keep your essentials safe and secured when at home or on the go

  • Smell Proof

    Did you smell that? Us either, enjoy the freedom of knowing you can have your favorites and not have to worry about suspicious noses

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Smell-Proof Interior

Did you smell that? Us either, our cases comes with Activated Carbon Fiber materials to keep all your smells in

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The GPS - Stylish, Odor Proof, Convenience

Created to keep you and your things safe with the abillity to roll up anywhere you are.

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Travel Sleek & Roll Discreet