How to Stay Discreet with Your Gopack on a Night Out

How to Stay Discreet with Your Gopack on a Night Out

Enjoying cannabis while out on the town can add a layer of relaxation and fun to your evening. However, maintaining discretion is key for many users, especially in settings where cannabis use might not be widely accepted or where you prefer to keep your consumption private. Here’s how you can stay discreet with your Gopack during a night out, ensuring both style and subtlety.

Be Mindful of Consumption Methods

When out in public, consider the most discreet consumption methods. Edibles, tinctures, or a vape pen are inconspicuous options that can be used without drawing attention. If you prefer to use your Gopack for flower, consider stepping away to a private location for a quick session. Always be aware of local laws and social settings to ensure your consumption method is appropriate for the situation.

Timing is Everything

Choosing the right time to enjoy your cannabis is crucial for maintaining discretion. If you're planning to consume before entering a venue, give yourself enough time to air out any lingering scents. Perfume or breath mints can help mask any residual odors. Additionally, consuming cannabis during a moment away from the crowd can help maintain your privacy.

Know Your Limits

Understanding your tolerance and how cannabis affects you in social settings is essential. The key to a discreet night out is enjoying the benefits of cannabis without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. Start with a low dose and pace yourself to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Be Prepared

Carry essentials like eye drops, gum, and hand sanitizer to help freshen up after consuming. These items can help you feel more confident and less concerned about giving away any signs of recent cannabis use.


Enjoying your Gopack on a night out is all about balancing fun and discretion. By choosing the right accessories, being mindful of your consumption methods, and preparing for the evening, you can seamlessly integrate cannabis into your night without compromising your privacy. Remember, the goal is to enhance your experience while respecting those around you and the venue's rules.

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