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Gopack Packing Sticks Bundle

Gopack Packing Sticks Bundle

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The Gopack Engraved Bamboo Packing & Stuffing Sticks are the perfect way to keep your smoking and herbal products organized, secure, and easy to access. Made from 100% natural bamboo, these packing sticks are lightweight and durable, and feature an engraved Gopack logo for a stylish touch. The sticks are designed to fit perfectly into the Gopack Rolling Station, making it easy to pack, store, and transport your products. Plus, the sticks come in a pack of 10, so you can always have plenty on hand. Get the Gopack Engraved Bamboo Packing Sticks today and enjoy a friendly way to store and transport your cannabis products. Pack in style with Gopack!

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Check out our key features

Understand what makes our Rolling Stations the Best Way to Roll

Patent Pending Design

Our Gopack Rolling Station are made with our custom molded interior to hold our rolling tray sets, plenty of storage, and accessories

Smell Proof Material

Live stress free with your smell-proof Gopack case made with multiple layers of Activated Carbon Fiber fabric to keep your all your

Storage Space

Make it your item, we all roll different. Our cases are designed to let each person to be able to organize their own way

Ease of access

Whether you’re at home or on the go you can pull out a Gopack and use it in your lap while sitting or wherever you choose

“It’s the Swiss Army knife of rolling up, everything you need all in one convenient place wherever you are.”

- Voyage Magazine -

Check out our Accessories

Our essential tools to roll your best

Cut, Stuff, Clean Up

Our essential stem cutting scissors to trim away at what’s unwanted, packing sticks to make sure you’re good to go, and a brush to clean up when things get messy

Lock up when needed

Our zipper locks allow you to attach your combination lock when needed or out the way when you don’t

Rolling tray and matching magnetic lid

The one stop for rolling your best onour Gopack tray sets